My name is Deanna and I am currently a senior in high school. I have a fiery passion for creative writing and love creating my own pieces! With most of my time dedicated to school, I haven't really had downtime to start up my writing hobby. With My Write on Life, I want to accomplish creating interesting content while learning how to grow in my passion. Whether the posts are short stories, reviews on products, movie/book reviews, or updates on how my life is going, I hope to practice and better my writing techniques.

My passion

While I love creative writing, I love, love, love journalism! More specifically, I enjoy investigative journalism. I like to read or listen to journalists' who create content from cold cases and investigate crimes. I have always been fascinated with journalism because you can express your voice in a variety of ways.


  • Listening to investigative journalism podcasts
  • Baking pies, cookies, and other sweet treats
  • Knitting hats and scarfs for people
  • Staying in shape and eating healthy for my swim season
  • Reading books and creative writing
  • Lifeguarding/ Babysitting
  • Summer swim team/ high school swim team
  • Listening to music and watching Netflix
  • Playing my ukulele/guitar
  • Taking polaroids
  • Barbecuing with family/ hiking with family
  • Organization for school (and life in general)
  • Learning how to improve my writing

Plans for the Future

Aside from my hobbies and interests, I am academically driven to go to Seattle University for college and major in journalism and minor in Spanish. While in college,  I will be working and hopefully have an internship in the journalism field. Life is very unpredictable, but with My Write on Life, I will be able to publish my creative work throughout my years of growth.

My Motto

"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody" - unknown

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