New Year, New Vibe

Learning Corner / Sunday, January 6th, 2019

While 2018 wasn’t the best year for moi, 2019 is a new year to improve myself. As I posted in my “December Life Update”, it is important to be willing to change both mentally and physically. A lot of people tend to think “New year, new me”. I think there are a lot of misconceptions with this. Yes, it is a time to change. It is also a time to instill this “change” to stay for good. Instead of thinking I need to change my life completely all at once (which, let’s be real here, causes more stress and disappointment after a while), I think of it as becoming a better version of myself. I start building key habits with smart choices.

Change in Mindset

In order to be able to make smart choices, I realized that one’s mindset contributes greatly in doing so. I recently read an article that explained the difference between someone with a “fixed” mindset versus someone with a “growth” mindset. View the fixed mindset as your own personal “Debbie Downer.” For instance, you want to start a business or apply for a job. The “fixed” mindset will say “Do you really think you can do that? Do you have the skills or talents? What if you fail?” Another view of this mindset is blaming your trial and errors on anyone but yourself. This causes you to become entitled, defensive and leave no room to grow in your personal goals.

A “growth” mindset allows you to say “While I may not have the skills yet, it is something I can work towards.” The key factor in having this healthy mindset is recognizing your setbacks and confrontations as lessons. It allows you to realize the things you can and can’t change in a situation. In all honesty, at the tail end of 2018 I found myself constantly doubting my plans or ideas. I would become defensive when my family would make a suggestion in general. In order to get back on track with my “growth” mindset, I am recognizing when I get defensive and why. Understanding the “why” allows me to see what I can do to fix my attitude. In 2019, this is something that can/will totally allow growth in every aspect of your life.

Organization = Freedom

DECLUTTERING. I cannot say how much this has improved my mood! I wish I had before pictures of my room but it was always messy. My dresser drawers would be filled with unfolded clothes. I had enough containers and shoe boxes under my bed to make a fort. Whenever I was at school, I was overwhelmed. When I came home, I was overwhelmed. This caused me to become unmotivated to get tasks or homework done. I felt like I couldn’t get a break from anything. So, when my mom started getting rid of her own things, I decided I would do the same and BOIII…. it felt so good, clean, and fresh! I decided to not focus on what I couldn’t change in my environment but what I could do to help me feel in control of my life.

Not only does decluttering help, but so do journals and planners! I have two planners: one for school and one for my social life. In addition, I have two journals: one for my emotions and one for my goals. I cannot stress how much this has helped me already. A week ago, I was in the dumps. I felt like I couldn’t improve or have passions again because of how empty I felt. Having planners and journals has saved me. It has allowed me to see where and how I can grow in 2019.

Personal Development

Back in my underclassmen years, when my mom still drove me to school, I would be forced to listen to the awfully dreaded…. podcasts. The horror. I used to think the podcasts my mom constantly listened to were filled with nothing but boring lectures and “old” people topics. It was only in late October, of 2018, I started listening to audio books and podcasts. My mom suggested I listen because of what I was going through. At the time, it was hard for me to feel motivated by these speakers because I felt my situation, no matter what I did, was getting worse. Fortunately, I now know why audio books and podcasts are so important: they allow you to observe, listen, and grow into the best version of you (even when you feel everything is falling apart). Not only can you listen to PD, but you can watch it as well! YouTube provides a lot of motivating and interesting topics on how to live your best life in 2019.

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